Interview with Venom Inc, on behalf of Midlands Live. 

After saying hi to the guys, I was lucky enough to be able to do this interview...

Viv: Influential bands for yourselves, when you were starting out, and the genre you went towards...who would they be?

Abaddon: what we're gonna do, is give this answer, but answer each other's. 

Viv: ok, that would be cool.

The Demolition Man: I like it. I like that

Abaddon: So...Venga Boys, Depeche Mode and Kylie Minogue.

Viv: You know what, I asked someone about Kylie before, a band, and they said yeah, and Britney Spears was a favourite

(Laughter from everyone, this is going to be a fun interview, can tell already)

Abaddon: No, Britney's too hard core.

The Demolition Man: I saw an interview where they asked Kylie and she said VENOM was a big influence, weird in it?...For me it was KK Down and Judas that was him (pointing at Mantas) you start...

Mantas: Right, May 28th, Thursday evening, 7:30pm, 1979, Judas Priest, Newcastle City Hall

Viv: That's really stayed in your mind, hasn't it?

Mantas: Oh Fuck yeah! That just crushed me that night. And I've said it a million times and I've got no qualms about saying it, that I absolutely modelled myself on KK. To the point where my daughter was three year old, and I bought the Metal Works video, it was just the history of Priest, and there was a series of still shots, and there was an early black and white shot, an early black and white shot of KK, so I paused the video,and you know what videos were like, and I shouted my daughter. She came over and I sat her on my knee and I pointed to the tv, she looked and she said "Daddy" Job done! Thank you. But that was it, Priest, I seen Priest...and it was like

I was always into music, I always wanted to be in a band, or have a band, something like that but Priest sealed the fate, that was it, and I've remained loyal ever since 

Viv to Mantas: Cool, So how old were you when you first picked up an instrument then?

Mantas: Erm, I got a little three quarters acoustic guitar off my mam and dad when I were probably 10 year old, but, at that point then, Bruce Lee movies were out and stuff, so the martial arts took over for a long time. And then l, I would say, seriously, picking up a guitar was probably 16 or 17. I mean I could never afford a proper guitar, it was always copies.. My very first guitar was a cherry red copy of an SJ single humbucker pick up, and my mum financed it. I say financed it was £30 but we still didn't have money to get it then...

The Demolition Man: The old HP 

Mantas: and that was from Jeavons in  Newcastle, on Percy street, old school music store.  Then after that I had copy Les Pauls, copy Stratacasters, and then I saw Judas Priest and it was a copy Flying V. That was it, job done. Here we are today

The Demolition Man: I don't know, it could have the afternoon or the evening, I don't know what day it was,  or what month it was, but it was Motörhead for me.